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Online Lead Generation for Aus & NZ Business Owners, Coaches & Consultants



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Online Lead Generation for Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants


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Online Lead Generation for Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants

Stop chasing leads and have them chase you instead!

If you’re like most business owners you saw an opportunity to help others by doing something you’re good at. Or you thought "Hey, I can do better than that" so you started a business.


It just made sense, there’s good money to be made and you're good at what you do right?


But you didn’t anticipate how confusing and overwhelming the marketing side of things can be, and how tough it is to grow a business.


You’re already wearing multiple hats, spending way too much time doing things you don’t like. Chasing leads, networking, endless paperwork, staff issues and wasted time dealing with tyre-kickers.


When the work is flowing, you love it, it feels good! You feel passionate when you’re servicing clients and the money is coming in!


This is part of business which is good. It confirms that there is money to be made here, and it energises you.


Then the work slows down and you are back to chasing leads and all the other things you have to do as a business owner.


You hate beginning each month not knowing how many leads you are going to get.


And if you want to reach out for help, you go online, only to wade through all the BS online guru's and digital agencies promising to get you more leads through SEO, Adwords, Website optimisation and so fourth.


How do you even decide what the best course of action is to take for your business?


And who to trust?


Making a poor judgement and wasting money on digital marketing that doesn't produce a positive return on investment could cripple you.


And it’s your business, so it’s all on you.

Failure is not an option.



I’ve been there myself!


Having worked for billion dollar companies like ASB and AMP, I climbed to the top of my field.


I’ve been nominated multiple times for NZ marketing awards and was recognised as Sponsorship Professional of the Year 2017 for my work with ASB Bank.


I was in charge of a multi-million dollar budget to promote and market the bank. This meant I got to deal with the biggest players in NZ’s digital marketing space. 


And I saw a gap.


Small to Medium companies simply don’t have million dollar marketing budgets. From what I could see, the digital marketing services on offer were expensive, confusing or simply under performing.


So 3 years ago I co-founded GroLab, I was ready to disrupt the industry!


I quickly ran into the very same problems you are facing today. I was bogged down with chasing leads and everyday running of the business.


My business yo-yo'd - I went from stressfully busy to dead-quiet chasing more business.


It was so tough trying to remember who I had contacted and knowing what I'd discussed with them. All the while, trying to deliver for my current clients.


It was so frustrating, but I knew I needed a better system for lead generation, otherwise nothing would change.

I wrote down everything I had to master in order to build a business I loved.


The big thing was, it couldn’t cost a million dollars, and would have to be easy to manage.

This is what I wrote


  • Develop

    Develop a profitable and low maintenance way to attract new clients

  • Follow Up

    Follow this up with a system to nurture leads towards a decision and get them to engage with me

  • Master

    Master a process to capture leads and turn them into clients


  • Deliver

    Deliver a service that provides massive value so clients want to work with me again and refer me everyone they know


If I could achieve these things my business would be Profitable, Consistent and Fun!


That’s exactly what I did.


I was focused like never before in my life. I researched, tested measured, hired mentors, attended courses and spent over $100,000.00 of my own money to finally create an inbound lead system that worked consistently with an impressive Return on Investment.


Now marketing became less guess work, and more like a precise science. I was able to connect up some of the best performing parts of digital marketing into one system that delivered me results.


I put $1 into the system and I'd get $12.50 back!


When I first started offering the same system to other businesses, they were pretty skeptical. I guess it did sound a little too good to be true. But, eventually they started working with me, and sure enough I was able to get similar results.


It wasn't always the same, some clients would put in $1 and make $2 back, while others would put in $1 and make $20 back.


But, it always seemed to be more than what people were investing.


Then I found there were other side affects. Some clients started saving tonnes of costs as well. They were no longer spending as much money on other marketing initiatives, and were halving the amount of time their sales people were spending on chasing leads. Bonus!


My most successful clients are coaches, consultants, agents, educators, professional service providers and advisors who are serious about automating their lead generation system and taking their business to the next level.


The framework I have allows me to focus on delivering the very best results for my clients.


My sales funnel is always working for me – it works on auto-pilot and my awesome team handles all the things I don’t like doing!


We tailor make an Inbound Lead System that positions you as the expert in your industry. It focuses on attracting your ideal client, educating them, objection handling and building trust until they are ready to purchase from you.


If you’re looking for a framework, a system, that can actually help you grow your business and serve your goals then watch my video today.




“ Outstanding job and exceeded all expectations. It was a pleasure to work with you on a sizable first project and am looking forward to starting the next one asap.”


Michael Hopkins



Business owners, consultants, professional services, agents, educators or brokers who want to get high quality clients, grow their business and save a bunch of time.

I only work with those who are hungry to grow, know they need to be competitive online, want to work with a trusted expert to help take them to the next level, can actually handle more leads in their business and have a great attitude.


This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, or some overnight scam which is why you need to book an initial strategy session with me.


I do this for free, it’s aimed at helping whoever needs it. I ask for nothing in return. Why?


Because I want to help Australian and NZ businesses succeed online, whether it’s with me or with someone else, and if I can save you from getting burned by another digital cowboy/girl then I’m happy. I don’t work with everyone, so If we feel like we’re a good fit for each other on the call, then I’ll offer you a place to work with me.


But if we’re not a good fit, there is no hard feelings. Either way, I’ll aim to uncover the blockers in your business, and steer you in the right direction. Absolutely zero obligations.


Step One: Watch my free training I’ve prepared to show you the simple 4 step process I use to scale businesses and bring in a consistent flow of high-quality clients.

Step Two: Subscribe to my content notifications, where I regularly post tips and strategies to grow your business using online channels.

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